First Post of the End of The Year

I won’t be focusing too much on the SEO for this post or the image alteration because I am just working on getting my sites back up and running the way I want them to.
So many changes in my life require translating them into written languages. Writing is my therapy, so welcome.
I am challenging myself with many things, one of which is to continue writing even when I have nothing to share. That is why I have separated my domains into categories that I know will make me post daily.
It is also something that will be relatable for almost anyone.

Book Reviews

I am going to start slowly by publishing once a week. That does not mean there will only be one post that day. The reason I am limiting publication once a week is this. I want to write the most qualified review for my audience and do justice for the writer.

Photo Stories

I will share old photos remastered with stories that come with them. My brother knows I keep all old pictures, and he has asked me to showcase old memories because it makes him happy, so this one is for him.

Personal Journal

Here we are! I want to use this site for personal blogging. This website will be my space to share my thoughts and what I encounter daily. I am an extrovert which means my energy is best shared outward. I have made many new changes in my life, and if I do not write them down or get them off my chest, I will feel lost.
All I can say is, stay tuned for updates.

  • December 1, 2022